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Upcoming Trips and Expeditions

LeafCuttngAnts.com is based on the principle that the love of amazing, fabulous exhibits is world wide and, in order to create the very best displays, we will go to any country, overcome any  logistical and administrative barrier, and source the very best and most interesting species to supply and install.

With this in mind, Andrew Stephenson travels extensively, hosting expeditions and locating amazing and new social insect species to set up around the world in new and exciting displays.

Over the next few months, following a very busy year of travelling and working around the world, Andrew has a lighter than usual schedule. The following are a few of the highlights of whats in the diary.

The 2016 Trinidad Expedition.

We launch our next expedition to Trinidad. Cave exploring, Manatee watching, swamping, the Pitch Lake, Caribbean beaches, Scarlet Ibis watching, Humming Birds, Mountain climbing, Waterfalls, snake hunting, nocturnal exploration…… A few of the highlights (and lowlights) of whats on the schedule.

And all of the time keeping an eye on whats important, conservation. Working with the Trinidadian authorities, sponsoring Turtle protection at the breeding sites, monitoring the Blue and Gold Macaw reintroduction programme, recording year on year changes to the local environment and educating the people in areas most threatened. Its ecotourism with a conscience,.

Malaysia, 2016/2017

LeafCuttingAnts.Com have been invited to Malaysia to set up the countries first ever Leaf Cutting Ant display. Originally planned fro July 2016, some administrative obstacles have delayed our visit for a few months. The prospect of visiting and bringing these incredible social insects to the people of Malaysia is fantastic and very exciting. Once completed we will update all of the details here, on this site.

Paraguay Leaf Cutting Ant collecting, Feb. 2017.

Our most ambitious collecting mission ever.

Traditionally Leaf Cutting Ants.Com have supplied amazing exhibits of Atta cephalotes and Acromyrmex  octospinosus from Trinidad to customers all over the world. Our mission to Paraguay is exciting because we are looking to bring back up to 20 species of Leaf Cutting Ant, many never offered before. Some stand out possibilities include the vast Grass cutting ant, Atta vollenweideri, Atta Laevigata, the largest of all Leaf Cutting Ants, and Atta sexdens, most widespread and well known. Acromyrmex species include Acromyrmex coronatus, Acromyrmex crassispinus, Acromyrmex lundii, Acromyrmex rugosus and Acromyrmex striatus. Some incredibly interesting species to add to the familiar ones that we already supply.

As well as the exotic trips mentioned above, we are also busy with many trips to closer locations supplying Leaf Cutters to resellers across Europe. In 2016 we will supply colonies of Leaf Cutters to companies in Germany,  Belgium, France, Spain and Holland. We currently have enquiries from Czech Republic, Poland, United States, Russia, and many other countries. Watch this space!!