My winter foods taken by Acromyrmex.

What you feed, where you get it from, basically we will build up a comrehensive list of suitable plants to feed Leaf Cutters. Also in temperate countries, what do you feed them in the Winter?
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My winter foods taken by Acromyrmex.

Post by Cheew » Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:03 pm

Hi, I have had the Accros for 3 months now and they have been doing great.

After the Last of the Roses were gone I have tried loads of different foods suggested in this forum.
Here are some of the more successful foods.

Tried grating them and they took them even more.

Holly, taken slowly but taken.

Broccoli. Always love.

Rhododendron.Just tried today and seem very happy with it. Woop.

Sprouts. love

Privet. Hit and miss.

Orange/Clementine. love it but takes them ages to take it.

I found some Roses with flowers! growing in the parents garden last week still, they were recieved very well after a mish mash of food over the last month.

There are lots of new light coloured and white ants recently but there has not been that much for them to do until today.

We went for a walk in a rhododendron forest and there was an evergreen type of rhododendron? with big flat leaves. The ants love it and there is an endless supply of it in the forest.

I'm planning a journal now that the ants are established, for anyone who is interested.



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