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Heat Packs

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:20 pm
by Acromyrmexbob
I use Mycoal Body warmers. They are good for either 24 hrs or 48 hours, depending on what you get. The thing to remember about these is they get very hot. So dont under any circumstances allow the ants to be in contact with the pad. The pads job is to heat the air in the box which protects the ants against cold. So I always place the heat pad at the opposite end of the box to the ants. I tape it to the side wall and then puncture a hole to the outside where the pad is. The heat pads use oxygen to fuel their reaction, if you seal the box then all of the oxygen will be used up in the box. Giving access to outside may seem counterintuitive but acutally the cold air coming in has to pass through the heat pad before getting inside. Its a method that has worked very well for me for years. I buy them in crates of 240, if anyone wants to buy a pack of 10 please PM me.